Cydia Tweaks For iOS 10 Without Jailbreak Download


IOS, the most powerful OS ( operating system) for mobile devices, and is being developed by Apple for their iPhone, iPad etc. You can increase the limits of your device by jailbreaking your device, but is it safe? For the person who is doing this for the first time, for him/her it can be dangerous too, but for some professional, it is easy. So, today we will talk about Cydia, an alternative to Apple app store from where you can download paid apps for free too without a single charge. But Cydia requires jailbreaking, yes you read that right. For some users avoiding their phone's warranty might not be comfortable but wait for what? Now we can download Cydia without jailbreaking your device. If you will not be jailbreaking your device then you not only can use Mini Militia Mod but also some alternatives like playbox, share etc on your default device ( without JAILBREAK).

No, most of the Cydia tweaks are coming without jailbreak and is easily accessible on non-jailbreak devices too. But in non-jailbreak devices, CYDIA has changed its form to into Cydia and from this, you can easily install tutu helper free Cydia tweaks on iOS 9.2 and above without jailbreak with INoCydia. There is no requirement of any special Apple device as you can use into Cydia on your latest iPhone 7 or in your old iPhone 4s. Apple is patching all the tricks to jailbreak your device but still, the jailbreak teams are trying their best to gain achievement in jailbreaking each and every iOS version. Some jailbreakers do think of downgrading the ios version of their devices.

For instance, one wants to downgrade their iOS version from 9 to some version of ios 8, but unfortunately Apple doesn't allow to let you sign into the firmware, so now you cannot downgrade and finally, you will be stuck with your current iOS on which you cannot install Cydia or JAILBREAK. So, according to a survey, many people are finding ways to install Cydia without jailbreaking their devices.

Some users tried or tested inocydia to check whether it allows you to install Cydia tweaks without jailbreak your iPhone or iPad devices. And the best part is that you won't lose the warranty of your Apple device and still enjoy the features of Cydia tweaks.

Steps to install Cydia tweaks without JAILBREAK on an iOS device with INoCydia.

Just follow the following steps, carefully and exactly.-
-: Unlock the device and open any web browser mostly ( Safari).
-: Now open the following link and click go.
-: Once the page loads, you can click on download INoCydia.
-: After downloading, you can install INoCydia.
-: Now, close the browser and let INoCydia be downloaded and installed.

Now download on Your Android Device.